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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your focus when creating products?

Our focus is, and always will be, the wellbeing of persons living with dementia. It is solely for them that we exist. Our products are for friends, relatives, and/or clients who are living with dementia – especially those who are familiar with African and Caribbean culture.  

Why did you use a black & white image in your first puzzle?

Research has found that older adults perform puzzle tasks better with black and white images. While we are also producing puzzles with colour images, our aim is to follow the science as we produce items. 

Why did you choose the illustrations that you have used in your colouring book?

Our first colouring book, The Tropical Colouring Book, features illustrations of sights that are associated with the tropics. Those who have innate familiarity with the tropics will expect to see all or most of the illustrations in our book. The illustrations will be familiar to anyone who either calls the tropics home or anyone for whom thoughts of the tropics invoke much more than just holiday memories. It will of course be different for those who only associate the concept of the tropics with exotic vacations. 

Does the thought of competition concern you?

No. We are striving to make a contribution to the ongoing activity in the dementia space. We don’t look at any individual, company, or organisation as competition. We have our own ethos – which is simplicity and being end-user focused, regardless of the opinions of others. While constructive feedback is always welcome we know that not everyone will understand our approach and what we are doing. For us, what is of utmost importance is that persons living with dementia find our products approachable. We will not create ‘bells and whistles’ just to attract numbers. We believe that The Black Dementia Company customer trusts what we’re doing and uses our products to support their loved one, friend, or client who is living with dementia.