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12 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Our 12 piece jigsaw puzzle series consists of eight puzzles which feature images that reflect some of the sub-cultures which exist within African and Caribbean cultures. The puzzles feature a combination of colour images as well as black and white images. This reduces excessive stimuli and in turn helps with concentration. It also accords with research that has found black and white images in jigsaws to be better for older eyes.* The original vintage images were used to make the puzzles. Finished size: 24.13 x 27.94cm

Caribbean people of Chinese descent are nationals of different Caribbean nations. Chinese heritage is evident in many aspects of Caribbean life - including in cuisine, dress, celebrations, expressions and so much more. There are also people of Chinese descent who are  nationals of some African countries. Free postage (UK only).

Nassau is the capital of Bahamas. The harbour has always been a busy port and is most likely the location of the photograph used in our puzzle. With beautiful tropical climate, the fertile soil of Bahamas yields a range of vegetables and fruits including grapefruit, oranges, bananas, avocado, coconut, as well as spices. Free postage (UK only).